Law of Attraction Mind Secrets 

Clean Up Inner Clutter, Overcome an Average Life and Discover Unlimited Abundance

Having one foot on the humble “school of hard knocks” side of the fence, and the other firmly planted on the professional, scientific and spiritual side, a maid-turned-doctor offers a proven roadmap to an abundant life.

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Self-Maid is at the forefront of writings outlining manifestation principles.  This book unearths the powerful and natural forces of the Law of Attraction, while offering simple ways to influence their potential for abundance in all areas.  Through new understanding of the complementary ingredients of this alpha law, ordinary living can become extraordinary existence.  For the first time, a clearly defined recipe provides awareness for creating life in exact ways.

As you come to understand the valuable reasoning of why many people unintentionally block their own happiness, application of new habits makes achieving desires a speedy and enjoyable process.  The knowledge you’ll acquire here removes all assumptions regarding the manner in which Nature performs, and reveals how to come into agreement with it.  You’ll finally be guided step-by-step with a practical that clarifies the deliberate creation process. 

Self-Maid removes limitations and addresses personal power by showing readers how to:

  •  Discover beliefs and habits that block positive outcomes
  •  Train your environment to align to your desires
  •  Attract dynamic experiences and people
  •  Move from broke to bountiful
  •   Increase overall happiness and peace 

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